Short answer, YES! It’s called Photokeratitis or Ultraviolet Keratitis. It is a painful condition when insufficiently protected eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays or other sources of harmful light.  What is Photokeratitis or a Sunburned eye? It’s inflammation of the cornea, the clear surface of the front of the eye.  How can it be caused? The most obvious reason is from the sun reflecting off of a water source like a pool, the ocean, or a lake. But don’t forget, the sun can also reflect off of sand, ice and snow, (causing Snow Blindness*). And finally, it can be caused by sun gazing, and lookingRead More →


As we enter into Summer full swing, Dry Eyes become a big concern with hotter weather, especially in San Diego. Being a desert state, it is sometimes hard for us to avoid the dry heat. This increases our use of blasting AC while in the car, and sleeping with windows open/fans on or AC’s on. The dry environment plus using air conditioning and fans to blow cooler air around us causes a major disruption in your eyes’ ability to stay lubricated. The use of eye drops is a very temporary relief that usually does not provide lasting comfort for dry eyes. Our office offers LipiFlow,Read More →

Fashion Guide

Our Fashion Guide for 2018 Summer Glasses and Optical styles include bright and bold colors, yellow not being so mellow, different shapes, and stepping outside of the norm. We want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone of regularity, to be unique, and have your glasses or sunglasses be a part of your unique style. Some influential fashionistas use their glasses and sunglasses style as their trademark styles! Check out some of our new favorites! Color: many brands are taking Tortoise to a new level. With a lighter base, these tortoise styles are brighter and complement both light and dark skin tonesRead More →