Happy 4th of July!! As many Firework Celebrations have been cancelled this year to encourage social distancing and safety, some of you may be thinking of setting off fireworks on your own. Whether you and your family and friends set off your own smaller fireworks or watch a professional show, it’s important to protect your eyes around fireworks.Here are some pertinent reminders for your safety.Eye injuries account for 19% of all injuries  from at-home Fireworks or Sparklers! And 65% of those injured by fireworks were bystanders! ⚠️ Fireworks can rupture the globe of the eye, cause corneal abrasions, chemical burns or even retinal detachments. ⚠️Read More →

Dr. Chinn’sVision Care Hi There! Can you believe that January is already over? Who knew the new year of this new decade would fly by this fast. We now have 11 months left of 2020 to get our priorities aligned. Maintaining clear vision and healthy eyes should be one of those top priorities on your list this year. If you want to see 20/20 in any year, you should make sure it’s this year. There is another very big reason why this year is so important to us. Not only does the year 2020 shed light on the importance of clear vision and eye exams, butRead More →


As we enter into Summer full swing, Dry Eyes become a big concern with hotter weather, especially in San Diego. Being a desert state, it is sometimes hard for us to avoid the dry heat. This increases our use of blasting AC while in the car, and sleeping with windows open/fans on or AC’s on. The dry environment plus using air conditioning and fans to blow cooler air around us causes a major disruption in your eyes’ ability to stay lubricated. The use of eye drops is a very temporary relief that usually does not provide lasting comfort for dry eyes. Our office offers LipiFlow,Read More →