Introducing our New Bleph-Ex Eyelid and Eyelash In-office Cleansing This month we want to highlight the conversation around healthy eyelids. We believe in beautiful eyelashes and natural ways to support their growth. Health and Wellness extends to your eyes and the skin around your eyes. After all, Skin is In. Of course, we had to share our best all-natural remedies to promote that natural twinkle in your eyes. A life with healthy eyes is something everyone can appreciate. Men, women, children, and grandparents. This in office cleansing will help promote healthy tear production, eyelid hygiene, prevent eye infections and styes and the degradation of your eyelashesRead More →


As we enter into Summer full swing, Dry Eyes become a big concern with hotter weather, especially in San Diego. Being a desert state, it is sometimes hard for us to avoid the dry heat. This increases our use of blasting AC while in the car, and sleeping with windows open/fans on or AC’s on. The dry environment plus using air conditioning and fans to blow cooler air around us causes a major disruption in your eyes’ ability to stay lubricated. The use of eye drops is a very temporary relief that usually does not provide lasting comfort for dry eyes. Our office offers LipiFlow,Read More →