At Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care, we pride ourselves in offering our patients the best eye care experience with advanced and updated technology to help us diagnose, treat, and manage eye conditions. Our doctors specialize in Dry Eye Treatment, Glaucoma, Diabetes and Retinal and Nerve Conditions. They do more than 1 and 2!

There are two portions to every comprehensive eye exam, theĀ refraction (checking your prescription), and the ocular health examination. It is recommended to have annual comprehensive eye exams with both the refraction and the ocular health examination.

There are two different ways we can check the health on the inside of your eyes, dilation of Retinal Imaging. We offer both at our office. Read on for what each method entails.


Dilation is the health portion of the examination. Dilation is when the doctor puts eye drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils so that they may get an adequate view of the health of the structures on the inside of your eyes that allow you to see. Dilation is covered by all insurances but it does come with 2 side effects. Dilation of the pupil will causeĀ light sensitivitiy and blurry vision up close for ~4 hours. It is recommended for you to bring sunglasses with you if you are dilated.

Retinal Imaging with the Optomap Daytona Plus and the OCT with Wellness Imaging

Retinal imaging can take place of dilation in the comprehensive eye examination for some of our patients. The Retinal Imaging we offer using the Optomap Daytona Plus and OCT with Wellness Imaging is comprehensive and gives the doctors a lot of information on the health of your eyes.
  • The Optomap Daytona Plus takes an ultra wide-field digital image up to 200 degrees on the inside of the eyes in seconds.
  • The OCT Wellness takes 2 images looking at the layers of retinal tissue that assess the truth health of the seeing structures of your eyes behind the retina.