Here at Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care, dilation is not necessary!

The technology our doctors invest in allow us to better diagnose and treat our patients. It also makes our comprehensive eye exam a unique experience. Our doctors specialize in dry eye diagnosis and treatment, specialty contact lens fittings, and retinal and nerve diseases. We go above and beyond an accurate prescription to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision will stay crisp and clear.

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We have the latest proven technology to provide you the best eye health examination. When you walk in to our preliminary testing room, you’ll notice how different our office is and how seriously we take your eye health. Our equipment, like the Optos Retinal Imaging allows us to show you what the health of your eyes looks like. Our OCT (optical coherence tomography) machine is the most advanced technology to image your retina, your optic nerve, and macula on a cellular level. These technologies help our doctors catch potential issues before they lead to symptoms and detrimental damage to your eyes and vision.

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We always say that theĀ comprehensive eye examination is divided into two portions: the refractive vision portion, and the eye health portion. Our doctors stress the importance of the eye health portion because it allows you to continue to see well. We truly care about your eye health and vision and how it affects your well-being; and that’s why we use the latest technology exclusively to provide you an amazing experience with us.