Happy 4th of July!! As many Firework Celebrations have been cancelled this year to encourage social distancing and safety, some of you may be thinking of setting off fireworks on your own. Whether you and your family and friends set off your own smaller fireworks or watch a professional show, it’s important to protect your eyes around fireworks.Here are some pertinent reminders for your safety.Eye injuries account for 19% of all injuries  from at-home Fireworks or Sparklers! And 65% of those injured by fireworks were bystanders! ⚠️ Fireworks can rupture the globe of the eye, cause corneal abrasions, chemical burns or even retinal detachments. ⚠️Read More →

Our office will be making some changes in processes, policies and procedures for the safety of our patients and our team members. We wanted to share some of these changes with you as we gear up to re-open next month. Face Masks or Facial Coverings will be required for any appointments and any time you enter the office. To limit the number of people in office and adhere to social distancing, for any and all appointments you will need to come alone. For children, one guardian or parent is allowed in office. For patients with language barriers or special needs one translator or aid is allowed. We willRead More →

Did you know that your glasses can spread bacteria, fungi, and viruses like the CoronaVirus to your eyes, nose and mouth? That’s because viruses And bacteria can easily be transferred from surrounding environments and frequently used objects (door knobs, handles) to our hands and on to our faces and glasses as we adjust them! (And some people like to chew on their temples while they think!) Most of the time, people tend to clean the lenses of their glasses with the t-shirt they’re wearing, and with a little fog from their breath. Today we’d like to teach you how to properly clean your glasses! AndRead More →

The novel CoronaVirus or COVID-19 can enter through your nose and mouth, but it can also enter your body through your eyes! It can cause symptoms such as light sentivity, redness, irritation, redness and more. CoronaVirus can cause Conjunctivitis, otherwise known as Pink Eye. So besides the recommendations of: 1. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. (Between fingers, around the knuckles and on the back of the hand.) 2. Reduce touching of your face/nose/mouth. This should include the eyes as well! We have a few other recommendations to reduce your risk of infection due to CoronaVirus. **An important thing to remember is,Read More →

STAY SOCIALContact friends and family to strengthen your relationships. EXERCISEBe sure to exercise daily, it is great for the body and mind! Stay tuned here on our BLOG and Social Media Channels for ideas to stay active! NUTRITIONDo your best to eat a balanced diet. Stay tuned on our BLOG and Social Media as we will be discussing how to have a well rounded diet with some recipes! SLEEPMaintain a regular sleeping pattern and try not to sleep in too much! HYGIENEOne of the things you can control is hygiene, keep it up! Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly! Don’t forget that coronavirus can enter through your eyes and cause PinkRead More →