Introducing our New Bleph-Ex Eyelid and Eyelash In-office Cleansing This month we want to highlight the conversation around healthy eyelids. We believe in beautiful eyelashes and natural ways to support their growth. Health and Wellness extends to your eyes and the skin around your eyes. After all, Skin is In. Of course, we had to share our best all-natural remedies to promote that natural twinkle in your eyes. A life with healthy eyes is something everyone can appreciate. Men, women, children, and grandparents. This in office cleansing will help promote healthy tear production, eyelid hygiene, prevent eye infections and styes and the degradation of your eyelashesRead More →

Did you know that contact lenses and their bubble packs are not recycled when you put them in the regular recycling collection bin? Contact lenses and their blister packs are too small! When recycling products get to the facilities, contact lenses and their blister packs get filtered out because of their size. They are then directed to the waste piles and therefore still contributing to landfill waste. With at least 45 million people in the United States wearing contact lenses, the amount of lenses and blister packs will start to add up. Another good rule-of-thumb is: Don’t Flush your Contact Lenses down the toilet, orRead More →

Hi everyone! Dr. Jenn here! I wanted to share some exciting news and information that I learned last week at Transitions Academy in Orlando, Florida. But first, “what the heck are Transitions? Are they the same as Progressives?” –Transitions lenses are light intelligent lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. Aka, they begin to turn dark the moment you walk outside during the day. When you walk back inside, they begin to fade back to clear. These lenses are engineered to protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB from the sun, and harsh artificial lighting while indoors. -Not to be confused with Progressive lenses which are no-line bifocalRead More →

 Dr. Jenn here, I had the opportunity to attend the Alcon Innovation/Experience Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. The Alcon Academy was a full day of interactive lectures, team building and activities to help us understand why Alcon stands behind their “Power of One” initiative. The Power of One Program was initiated to focus their production on their daily lenses and 1 month lenses. They believe that these two products/modalities of contact lens wear improves patient compliance, and therefore decreasing risks of contact lens wear. The focus of this Alcon Academy was the Daily lenses they have on the market, the Dailies Total 1 brands and the DailiesRead More →