The year is 2020. And the answer to that question is Everyone needs an Eye Exam! What better year than 2020 to make sure you can actually see 20/20 also! Why are Eye Exams important? Not only can we determine your prescription during the comprehensive eye exam, we can also check the health of your eyes and get key indicators whether your overall health is doing well also! Let’s go through some specific examples why it’s important. In this day and age, the reliance and number of hours we use digital devices is increasing exponentially. There is no indication that life in the near future won’tRead More →

Dr. Chinn’sVision Care Hi There! Can you believe that January is already over? Who knew the new year of this new decade would fly by this fast. We now have 11 months left of 2020 to get our priorities aligned. Maintaining clear vision and healthy eyes should be one of those top priorities on your list this year. If you want to see 20/20 in any year, you should make sure it’s this year. There is another very big reason why this year is so important to us.┬áNot only does the year 2020 shed light on the importance of clear vision and eye exams, butRead More →

What is Digital Eye Strain? Digital eye strain is the fatigue that is caused from using digital devices for long periods of time. Most commonly causing dry eyes, headaches, red eyes, blurry vision and light sensitivity. Digital device use doesn’t only cause strain to our eyes, it can also cause neck and upper back pain which can damage your spine. There are two main components that contribute to digital eye strain. Over working your eye muscles and exposure to light. The muscles on the inside of your eyes help you focus up close on the computer and while looking at your phone for long periodsRead More →

What’s the buzz behind Blue Light Filters and Glasses? Have you been hearing more and more about Blue blockers, Blue light filters, lenses or glasses? That’s because we are part of the digital age. With the average person spending at least 6 hours of their days on some sort of cell phone, computer, or tablet, there is a growing concern of how staring at these devices might affect our eyes. Cue digital eye strain, and the many side effects associated with it. But first, let’s talk a little bit more about what the heck blue light even is! Light is energy and comes from bothRead More →

This year for World Sight Day, on October 10th, 2019, we partnered with Transitions Lenses to experience first hand what vision is like for people with different eye diseases. We used Virtual Reality to see the world around us through the eyes of conditions like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy. See our video below to see for yourself! We also took the opportunity to educate our patients and the public about the importance of Annual Eye Examinations and how your eyes and health can benefit from it. Sometimes, the Optometrist can be the FIRST person to detect whether you have a medical condition likeRead More →