Dr. Jenn here, I had the opportunity to attend the Alcon Innovation/Experience Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. The Alcon Academy was a full day of interactive lectures, team building and activities to help us understand why Alcon stands behind their “Power of One” initiative. The Power of One Program was initiated to focus their production on their daily lenses and 1 month lenses. They believe that these two products/modalities of contact lens wear improves patient compliance, and therefore decreasing risks of contact lens wear. The focus of this Alcon Academy was the Daily lenses they have on the market, the Dailies Total 1 brands and the DailiesRead More →

Vision Expo West 2018 was celebrating it’s 30th year! It was such a wonderful event with so many fun things happening. If you are on social media and you missed some of the stories, be sure to follow Dr. Jenn and see her highlights. Her instagram handle is @dr.chinnchinn. Both Dr. Chinn and Dr. Jenn attended a few continuing education classes to refresh their memories on the ways to improve patient care, diagnose/treat/and manage ocular disease, and the pearls of fitting specialty contact lenses. Innovations: Yes, Transitions Style Colors and Mirrors were launched over the summer, but at Vision Expo, they had a beautiful TransitionsRead More →

Peru Optometric Mission Clinic

Happy August! Dr. Jenn here, welcome to our first Eyecare Blogpost. I wanted to give you all a recap of my recent Optometric Mission clinic to Peru in July. If you follow us on Instagram, you got some more sneak peaks, videos and other great content from the trip. Follow us if you don’t already @drchinnoptom for great content and specials! I was one of 3 Optometrists, along with 5 Optometry students and a handful of amazing volunteers. Our trip was organized by Eagle Condor Humanitarian and the Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. (Sidenote: You don’t have to be an Optometrist to come along onRead More →