Our Premium Selection of Stylish and Fashionable Eyewear

We specially pick and curate the Eyewear collections we offer in office. We advocate for uniqueness and for the right fit. With styles that will blow your mind, to classics that never go out of style, you’ll find something you like, something you love, and more. We believe in the brands we carry, and love the stories behind the designers and the styles. Read more about our EyeWear Collections below.

Andy Wolf
Three minds, creating a diversely, yet cohesive collection of glasses and sunglasses. Andy and Wolf, and designer Katharina caught our attention with their unique styles. Hand crafted with superior quality, these distinctive shapes are sure to catch your eyes. With three separate collections: the White Heat Collection that mixes materials like metals with acetate creating the most unique and comfortable bridges you can imagine; the Soul Collection taking classic shapes and adding some flare making things bigger and more bold in a fun and flirty way; and the Love Collection inspired by the 1970’s, having some of the most unique shapes we’ve ever seen created with glasses. These frames are bound to be a statement piece and unique addition to your everyday style. the most unique but oh so comfortable bridges you can imagine. These styles are for the bold, independent, and fashion forward. Try them on! You’ll be amazed at how stunning these styles are!

Iconic and timeless, Ray-Ban is a brand that everyone knows. With classic shapes and styles that complement any face shape you’ll definitely find something you love. Come see yourself in the wayfarer or clubmaster, but also come to try on the more modern styles. With freedom of expression at the heart of their core values and inspiration, they empower people to use their eyewear as a form of self-expression.

TC Charton
The WORLD leader in TRUE Asian Fit Eyewear. Being Asian herself, Designer Alexandra Peng has been in the eyewear design industry for decades. She designed for many name brand European brands before realizing there was an entire population that had difficulty finding glasses that fit them. Enter TC Charton, her unique and personally hand crafted frame line designed for wider faces, higher prescriptions, flatter nose bridges and bigger cheeks!

Tom Ford
Gaining notoriety as the previous Creative Director of Gucci, Tom Ford began to push the envelope of the legendary Fashion House. After that, he also took creative control of Yves St. Laurent before ultimately branching out to create his own brand. Tom Ford tries to encapsulate modern glamour in his collection with beautifully constructed eyewear to amplify and highlight each person’s individuality. Designed for the dapper gentleman and the feminine woman in mind, you don’t want to miss seeing yourself in these styles.