Our office will be making some changes in processes, policies and procedures for the safety of our patients and our team members. We wanted to share some of these changes with you as we gear up to re-open next month.

  • Face Masks or Facial Coverings will be required for any appointments and any time you enter the office.

  • To limit the number of people in office and adhere to social distancing, for any and all appointments you will need to come alone. For children, one guardian or parent is allowed in office. For patients with language barriers or special needs one translator or aid is allowed.

  • We will also be scheduling minimal appointments throughout the day to allow our doctors and team members the adequate and necessary time to completely sanitize/disinfect all equipment and frequently used items during the examination process.

  • To minimize your time in office and help make all appointments run smoothly, we will be asking you to fill out the Health History and HIPAA forms online and email them to us ahead of time. We will not be allowing forms to be filled out in office.

  • To reduce transmission and handling of articles, CASH and CHECK will no longer be accepted. We highly recommend using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Payment via Text.

  • Virtual Eyewear Styling Consultations may be scheduled before your appointment in order to allow a quicker frame selection and fitting process while in office to reduce your exposure.

  • When shopping for Eyewear, the opticians will help pick out the eyewear for you in order to control and monitor how many pairs of glasses need to be sanitized.

  • All eyewear and contact lens pick ups will require an appointment to limit the number of people in office at any given time.

  • All adjustments for eyewear will require an appointment to limit the number of people in office at any given time.

  • Telehealth appointments may be scheduled for follow ups and other appointments as deemed by the doctor in order to limit your exposure and reduce your need to be outdoors. Telehealth gives us the ability to provide quality healthcare services safely and remotely to patients via computer, tablet or mobile device. Distance is no longer an obstacle to great care!

  • Our doctors and team members may look different, as they will don the CDC recommended Personal Protective Equipment for their safety and yours.

  • And lastly, we may not be as talkative in order to limit the amount of time you are in office.

We know things will look very different, but we want to remind you that we are here for all of your needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Stay safe and Healthy! We’ll be seeing you Very soon!

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