Did you know that your glasses can spread bacteria, fungi, and viruses like the CoronaVirus to your eyes, nose and mouth?
That’s because viruses And bacteria can easily be transferred from surrounding environments and frequently used objects (door knobs, handles) to our hands and on to our faces and glasses as we adjust them! (And some people like to chew on their temples while they think!)
Most of the time, people tend to clean the lenses of their glasses with the t-shirt they’re wearing, and with a little fog from their breath. Today we’d like to teach you how to properly clean your glasses! And No, you shouldn’t be using your t-shirts or your breath!
Right now, tensions are high because of the pandemic with CoronaVirus/COVID-19. The thing to keep in mind with this Virus is that it is spread by droplets of someone who is infected. The CoronaVirus can also survive on non-porous surfaces like plastic and metal, both of with are key products used in eyewear production. When a person is infected, they can be symptomatic (coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and having a fever), and this person can Also be Asymptomatic meaning they don’t feel sick at all or show signs of being ill. So it’s important to remember to do everything you can to prevent spreading of CoronaVirus and Germs in general at this time and maintain proper hygiene.
The next comment or question you might have is, “Well I have glasses cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth that I use regularly, is that a good way to clean your glasses?”
The short answer is: Yes. But the relevant answer at this time during the COVID-19 Pandemic, is NO!!!
The reason is, glasses cleaning spray is not a strong enough disinfectant! It will make your lenses clear and not smudged, but viruses and bacteria can still be all over your glasses.

Now that we’ve answered that question, let’s dive into what you Should and Should NOT do when it comes to cleaning your glasses. And  watch the short video we created to show you how to properly clean and disinfect your glasses!

What NOT to do and use to Cleanse your Eyewear

  • Do NOT use your breath to fog your lenses at this time, you could be spreading the virus on your eyewear and potentially cause Coronavirus Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)!
  • Do NOT use any bleach, ammonia or any other household cleaning products that have high amounts of acid. It will damage your lens coatings and parts of your eyewear as well.
  • Do NOT use any rubbing alcohol on your eyewear, again it is too harsh and can damage your lens coatings and parts of your eyewear.

How to safely Disinfect your Eyewear

  • What you’ll need: luke warm water, dish soap, your glasses or sunglasses and a microfiber cleaning cloth. (Hot water can also ruin the coatings on your lenses, make sure to use luke warm or cold water).
  • First you’ll want to rinse your eyewear off to remove any sand or harsh dust that could scratch your lenses during the cleaning process.
  • Then put one or two drops of gentle dish soap on each lens
  • Massage the soap on and around both lenses, around the frame, under and around the bridge area where it sits on your nose (don’t forget your nose pads!) and the temples which sit behind your ears.
  • Rinse in luke warm or cold water.
  • Gently shake off as much excess water and then dry using a Microfiber cleaning cloth. (It is important not to use towels, paper towels, tshirts or tissues to dry the eyewear off as they can scratch your lenses!)
  • Done! Make sure to clean them any time you go out in public during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place to reduce your risk! We recommend doing it Daily!

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