Contact friends and family to strengthen your relationships.

    Be sure to exercise daily, it is great for the body and mind! Stay tuned here on our BLOG and Social Media Channels for ideas to stay active!

    Do your best to eat a balanced diet. Stay tuned on our BLOG and Social Media as we will be discussing how to have a well rounded diet with some recipes!

    Maintain a regular sleeping pattern and try not to sleep in too much!

    One of the things you can control is hygiene, keep it up! Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly! Don’t forget that coronavirus can enter through your eyes and cause Pink Eye! Make sure you clean your eyelashes and eyelids daily, stay tuned on the BLOG and our SOCIAL MEDIA as we address how to keep your eyes safe at this time.

  • WORK
    Create a designated work space and set goals each morning.

    Catch up on books, films and shows you’ve wanted to enjoy.

    Don’t use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs to cope with stress.

  • CARE
    Don’t neglect existing or new health problems, seek care. Don’t forget to take your medications or perform self care!

  • MIND
    Try to stay positive, but remember, it’s okay to NOT be okay. Reach out if you are feeling lonely, anxious, depressed or just in need of some communication. If stress seems overwhelming, be sure to seek help from a licensed mental health professional.

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