The year is 2020. And the answer to that question is Everyone needs an Eye Exam! What better year than 2020 to make sure you can actually see 20/20 also!

Why are Eye Exams important? Not only can we determine your prescription during the comprehensive eye exam, we can also check the health of your eyes and get key indicators whether your overall health is doing well also! Let’s go through some specific examples why it’s important.

  1. In this day and age, the reliance and number of hours we use digital devices is increasing exponentially. There is no indication that life in the near future won’t be directly affected by technology in some form. The main concerns with increased digital device use is digital eye strain. Not only are your eyes fatigued and strained from your eye muscles over focusing for you while working on a computer, looking at social media on your phone; but you are also exposing your eyes to harmful blue light. Exposure to harmful blue light, cummulatively, like computer use, will eventually accumulate and can cause sight threatening conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Ask us how you can protect your eyes while on the computer from blue light, and prevent eye strain and fatigue while working on the computer.

2. Eye doctors can tell a lot more about your health than just your eye health during an eye exam. Whether you get a dilated pupil examination or retinal imaging done, the inside of the back of the eye can tell us a lot more than just whether your eyes are healthy. In the back of the eye, we have a clear view of the blood vessels inside the eye. These blood vessels are unobstructed, and the effects of conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid Dysfunction, and Cancer can be diagnosed through the eyes. The reason for this is

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