What’s the buzz behind Blue Light Filters and Glasses?

Have you been hearing more and more about Blue blockers, Blue light filters, lenses or glasses? That’s because we are part of the digital age. With the average person spending at least 6 hours of their days on some sort of cell phone, computer, or tablet, there is a growing concern of how staring at these devices might affect our eyes. Cue digital eye strain, and the many side effects associated with it.

But first, let’s talk a little bit more about what the heck blue light even is!

Light is energy and comes from both the sun and artificial sources like digital screens and fluorescent lights. Light grants us sight and the ability to see colors. But a fraction of light can be harmful to our vision. UV and Blue/Violet light are the most energetic light wavelengths and are absorbed deep inside the eye. And over time, may contribute to damaging our eye sight. UV and Blue/Violet light are more than ever part of our modern lives with cell phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

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As life expectancy increases, their impact becomes an issue. Prolonged exposure causes digital eye strain, eye fatigue, light sensitivity, and even difficulty sleeping. UV and Blue/Violet light can accelerate the development of cataracts and can even cause damage the macula on the inside of the eye. The high amount of energy from these lights entering the eye can damage the retinal cells leading to degeneration or inability to function properly.

Therefore, for all of our patients who are digitally connected to cell phones, tablets, computers, and televisions, we recommend getting lenses with a blue light filter to protect your eyes. It’s a preventative measure that protects your eyes and keeps your vision more comfortable throughout the day on digital devices.

There are couple of ways to help protect your eyes from these harmful rays of light!

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