Dr. Jenn here, I had the opportunity to attend the Alcon Innovation/Experience Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. The Alcon Academy was a full day of interactive lectures, team building and activities to help us understand why Alcon stands behind their “Power of One” initiative. The Power of One Program was initiated to focus their production on their daily lenses and 1 month lenses. They believe that these two products/modalities of contact lens wear improves patient compliance, and therefore decreasing risks of contact lens wear.

The focus of this Alcon Academy was the Daily lenses they have on the market, the Dailies Total 1 brands and the Dailies Aquacomfort Plus brands. Not only did they re-iterate the health benefits of wearing daily contact lenses, as opposed to bi-weekly or monthly lenses, but we also had the opportunity to observe how lenses were made. (Due to confidentiality, no photos or videos were allowed inside the Alcon Manufacturing Building.)

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As we entered the manufacturing building, we were given a brief summary of what we were about to see, and instructions on how to don the protective coats, hairnets, booties, etc. to protect the environment inside the building.

The tour of the manufacturing facility was breathtaking! It was not only an Eye Doctor’s nerdy dream to see these products made, it was also a science lover/Robotics lovers dream! It was amazing seeing how all these machines were developed to produce different materials and contribute to different parts of the contact lens production process. The amount of machinery, tools, and manpower to manage this 24/7 process is INSANE. It felt like I was physically on an episode of “How it’s Made“.

Thank you Alcon for allowing me to learn about the technology behind your contact lenses and for the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility. I look forward to see what your company has in store for the future!


-Dr. Jenn

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