Vision Expo West 2018 was celebrating it’s 30th year! It was such a wonderful event with so many fun things happening. If you are on social media and you missed some of the stories, be sure to follow Dr. Jenn and see her highlights. Her instagram handle is @dr.chinnchinn. Both Dr. Chinn and Dr. Jenn attended a few continuing education classes to refresh their memories on the ways to improve patient care, diagnose/treat/and manage ocular disease, and the pearls of fitting specialty contact lenses.

Innovations: Yes, Transitions Style Colors and Mirrors were launched over the summer, but at Vision Expo, they had a beautiful Transitions Style Bar at the Essilor Booth and a wonderful panel discussion about the new Transitions products.

At the Style Bar, they had a bunch of frames with style colors and mirrors lenses in them with a large mirror and UV lighting underneath it. You could try them on and put the lenses under the UV light to see the change! It was such a fun way to experience these new lenses.

The panel included the famous Christian Siriano who is the Transitions Ambassador! All the panelists talked about how they style Transitions, why the new Transitions are a great way to make eye protection fun for our patients, and how to educate your patients on the benefits of the Transitions products.

The biggest trend: monochromacy. Matching transitions style colors and colored mirrors to a matching colored frame, i.e. green frames with the Emerald transitions style color. (Christian Siriano’s favorite is the emerald because it makes his green eyes pop!)

Networking: Dr. Jenn was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive Eye Style Influencers luncheon. The luncheon included a panel of amazing ECPs that gave us great advice on how to improve our marketing strategies to reach the public. We had a delicious lunch at La Cave Wine Bistro in the Wynn during the panel discussion. This was such a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals in our industry. It was great to hear different points of view on business, eyecare, and eyewear fashion. After lunch, we were invited by Marchon EyeWear and Altair EyeWear to try on the newest launches of sunglasses and glasses from lines like Salvatorre Ferragamo, Bebe, Chloe, Calvin Klein, and more. They even gifted us each one pair of glasses and one pair of sunglasses!

Vision Expo is always a blur of busy appointments and CE classes, these events were such a great break from the chaos to converse with people and find ways to be a better practitioner. The best thing I learned from this particular Vision Expo, is to cherish the connections you make with the people in this industry. From our own staff, other optometrists, reps, and opticians, the people are what make our industry amazing and are helping shape it for the future.

-Dr. Jenn

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