Dr. Jenn here, I had the opportunity to attend Vision Expo East this past weekend in gorgeous New York City. It was energizing and inspiring to see all the great new styles of eyewear and meet some great vendors and brands I’ve never seen before. The reason for my attendance was to experience the largest eyewear convention in the United States, but also to hand pick and curate some new collections of eyewear we will offer in office.

Thoughts I took away from VEE, eyewear is now more than ever a representation of your personal style. With such a large selection of innovative and unique designs,  I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.
We’ve long known that European style transcends ours, and the Europeans are far more stylish and risky with their fashion. Some styles were far too out there, but the message is clear, the designers of eyewear are showing us that eyewear shouldn’t all just look the same, just like shoes and clothes are not all created equal. Otherwise we’d never have to do Spring cleaning! I hope this post encourages you to embrace your individuality. We are all unique people, and our eyewear helps showcase that. Why be like everyone else? Lets jump right in!

Eyewear Trends

Kicking off Spring, color is an important factor that is distinguishing frames. With tortoise in lighter yellow shades and more crystal and translucent hues, there are so many ways a frame can attractively complement your face shape and skin tone. These lighter colors don’t distract or take attention away from your face, rather they demand more attention! There are so many beautiful shades to choose from. Check out these by Tom Ford. Shape is also key. The era of round frames isn’t over, but mixed metal and acetate frames are becoming a mainstay of ingenuity when it comes to shape, design, and comfort. Check out these by Andy Wolf, (a collection we will soon be carrying in office). The combination of a rimless metal frame with an acetate plastic nose bridge blew my mind. And the shapes are SO flattering. Try them! You won’t be disappointed.Etnia Barcelona

Sunwear Trends

That Rihanna moment hasn’t faded, it’s grown stronger. But obviously, because, Rihanna. The growing trend of smaller and smaller sunglasses is here to stay. This Spring season has brought more shapes and a large array of tinted sunglasses. They don’t offer much protection from the sun, but for all you fashionistas and fashion bloggers, they’re a Must Have to add to your collection.
But, large sunglasses are always here to stay. Many of the designers are taking big and bold to a different playing field. They’re creating bold designs with unique shapes and color play! Pastel tinted lenses bring us into Spring with beautiful refreshing colors.
I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the beautiful designs and trends coming this Spring 2018. We can’t wait to show you more!
-Dr. Jenn Chinn

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